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Features | May 2023

Luna Keller

Luna Keller
Luna Keller

German-based Luna Keller is a singer-songwriter who mixes folk pop with easy listening and acoustic elements. Growing up in two cultures surrounded by music, she has a unique perspective fueled by her curiosity and a deep connection to her emotions through songwriting. Her music entails strong messages, honesty, and emotional vocals defined by her unique sound.

On April 28th, Keller released her newest single, "Woman in the Van." The song was inspired by her friend who travels Europe in her van alongside her cat. It celebrates the joy of following your heart and allowing the road to carry you. After releasing a well-received single in "The Philosopher," Luna shifts into a lighthearted and upbeat folk sound with this new single.

The acoustic guitar compliments Luna's lighthearted vocals in this easy-listen single that is great for warm days on the road. I enjoyed the number of instruments in this release and have no honest criticism for this folk-pop track. However, I would love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a like and comment below.

I would compare Luna's release to musicians such as folk-pop singer-songwriters like First Aid Kit and others. If you enjoyed what you heard and would like to hear more from Luna, then please leave a like and follow below.

Reb Fountain

Reb Fountain | Photo credit: Dominik Meier
Reb Fountain | Photo credit: Dominik Meier

New Zealand-based Reb Fountain is a folk-pop musician who mixes alt-folk with alternative rock elements. Reb is a critically acclaimed musician with a lengthy resume that includes winning the 2021 Taite Music Prize, Best Country Music Album by Aotearoa Music Awards, and APRA Best Song in 2018. Additionally, her 2020 debut album tour across New Zealand astounded audiences.

On April 17th, Reb released her newest single, "Faithless Lover." This is her first release since her sophomore album, "Iris." The song is about an epic retelling of transcendent love. Hauntingly intimate yet steeped in cinematic grandeur, Reb renders the deeply personal as a mythic parable, welcoming a state of transformation.

Reb is undoubtedly one to watch, and this single is hauntingly beautiful. The video is so dark and well-produced, and I can certainly see this single being played at a music festival in America. I am expecting to hear more from her, and I am certainly excited for more too. If you enjoyed this release, then tell us what part you enjoyed by leaving a like and comment below.

I would compare Reb to dark-pop and folk-pop singer-songwriters like Phoebe Coco. If you want to hear more, please leave a like and follow below. If you would like to see Reb live, then go to her website to check out her upcoming UK tour dates! (Click here for tickets!)

Sadie Nix

Sadie Nix
Sadie Nix

Brighton-based Sadie Nix is a singer-songwriter who mixes commercial pop with contemporary pop elements to make easy-listening love songs. The upcoming pop/alternative artist with a mature, confident style and a refreshing perspective has quickly become one of the most exciting new names in the music industry. Her lyrics have a genuine and authentic feel that adds a unique depth to her music.

Sadie released her newest single, "Tell Me," on April 28th. The song is about when you are with someone you know has feelings for you, yet they keep you at arm's length. In her words, she started writing as a piano ballad but was inspired by the ending to take a slightly different approach.

Sadie is another musician to watch, and this is a powerful ballad that should appeal to everyone. I enjoyed the progression of the song. I love how confident Sadie's vocals sound, and she definitely should be an example for every female vocalist. I want to hear what you think of this single and what your favorite parts are; please leave a like and comment below.

I want to compare Sadie to powerful vocalists like Lady Gaga and Mia Mormino. If you like what you hear, then please leave a like and follow the links below.


Bishopskin | Photo credit: Spela Cedilnik
Bishopskin | Photo credit: Spela Cedilnik

London-based Bishopskin is a folk and alternative folk-rock band that mixes rock pop with super edgy soul rock elements. Bishopskin is made up of Tiger Nicholson on vocals and songwriter, James Donovan on guitar, Tabitha Avanzato on backing vocals, Tati Gutteridge on sax/clarinet and backing vocals, Hana Miyagi on violin, James Moss on synth/guitar, Alex Prete on drums, Matt Baker on bass, and Adam Brown on keys.

On April 5th, the band released their newest single, "Hey Little Sister." In their Tiger's words, the verses are about his twin sister. The chorus is from a story a friend told him when he was 10 years old as a choir boy. The song was recorded in North London's Hermitage studios, engineered and produced by Nat Ridley, and mixed by Jake Cartwright.

I always love an excellent violin melody, and this track has that. It is a unique track, and I enjoy the pace after the beginning of the track. That said, the speed could be faster at the song's opening. It's a quality track, but there's room for improvement. I want to hear your thoughts on this release, so please leave a like and comment below.

I would compare Bishopskin with musicians like Nickel Creek and other folk-rock musicians. If you like what you hear, please leave a like and follow below.


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